CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS was presented during a School Conference in Söderhamn organised by Halsingland Education Association

In Monday October 28, 2019 teachers and principals of Söderhamn municipality of Sweden, working with children aged 6 to 16, attended a training day at the Centrum för Flexibelt Lärande (CFL). The training’s main goal was  the development of teachers’ and principals’ teaching skills.

In conjunction with the seminars, Jonas Andersson, the participant from Stentägtskolan, a Primary school in Söderhamn, Sweden, was given the opportunity to present the Erasmus+ project CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS and its impact on STEM among young students. The audience consisted of approximately 310 teachers and 20 school leaders.

Target group

  • Teachers and principals working with children aged 6 to 16 years old.