IO2: CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Dual Digital Educational Back Pack for Primary Schools (Resources, Tools, Teaching and Learning Material for Teachers and Students)

Start Date: 01-03-2019 | End Date: 30-09-2019

The main aims of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) are to:

– Design and develop a Dual Educational Pack which will contain:

1. Teaching Packs for the Coding/STEM skills (e.g. teaching guides, online learning modules, educational/informative videos etc. for teaching Coding/Robotics to students)
2. Teachers Professional Development Course for the acquisition of Digital Skills
3. Parents upskilling course for raising awareness and skills acquisition
4. Cross-curricular scenarios for Robotics related to specific subjects of the NC
5. Campaign for the promotion of the DIGITALSKILLS@SCHOOLS Clubs with YouTube videos, Social Media spots and posts etc.

– Create the Online Data Bank with a wide selection of tools, resources, teaching material, videos, reports, etc. highly useful for the implementation of the DIGITALSKILLS@SCHOOLS Clubs, which will implement the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS programme.

IO2 consists of the following activities:


IO2-A2: Design and Development of the Educational Back Pack: Teaching and Learning Material

IO2-A3: Structure of the Short Term Staff Training for Teachers and Parents

IO2-A4: Production of Campaign

IO2 Products

Educational Back Pack: Develop Basic STEM Skills and Programming – Module 1

English Version | Greek VersionSwedish Version

Educational Back Pack: The Creative Scenarios – Module 2

English Version | Greek VersionSwedish Version

The Data Bank e-Form