IO6 – The DIGITALSKILLS@SCHOOLS Policy Recommendation Strategy for Sustainability and Upscaling: From the Primary School Level to the National and EU Level

IO6 focuses on the design of the policy strategy which will ensure sustainability of products, further exploitation and expansion and utilising the opportunities provided as part of the EU DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE and all related initiatives such as the EU CODE WEEK, EU ROBOTICS WEEK, EU DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP DAY etc.

Aims of IO6:

– to design and produce the DIGITALSKILLS@SCHOOLS POLICY RECOMMENDATION STRATEGY PACK for upscaling, transferability and sustainability of the projects’ products at the local , regional, national land EU level for further exploitation.
– to investigate the potential sustainability and management of the programme, its process and products through the setting up of the DIGITALSKILLS@SCHOOLS
– to initiate the POLICY MOVEMENT as part of the EU CODE/ROBOTICS WEEK (or any other relevant week) with the organisation of various events based on the products and achievements of the project: students’ coding exhibition, campaign, awards, petition and a declaration for the EU.

IO6 Products:

IO6 Report

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