IO1: Building the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Competence Framework: From Theory to Practice

Start Date: 01-09-2018 | End Date: 28-02-2019

The two products of Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) are:

– a benchmark survey to map out the integration of coding and robotics skills within primary schools in comparison to the EU recommendations, as purported in the 2018 Digital Education Action Plan of the European Commission for every participating country as well as a “Comparative Digital Index” report.

– the Coding, Robotics and STEM Competence Framework, which is essentially the Syllabus to be followed by schools, analyzing the expected digital skills to be acquired to be used as part of the innovative CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS programme to be offered.

IO1 consists of the following activities:

IO1-A1: Benchmark Research – Collection and Analysis of Data

IO1-A2: National – Comparative Report Index

IO1-A3: Competence Framework (Syllabus)

IO1-A4: Selection of Robots

IO1-A5: Expert Advisory Group – Synergies – Associate Partners

IO1 Products:

Teachers Questionnaire (EN)

Students Questionnaire (EN)

Teachers Questionnaire (GR)

Students Questionnaire (GR)

Teachers Questionnaire (SE)

Students Questionnaire (SE)

National Report of Greece

National Report of Belgium

National Report of Cyprus

National Report of Sweden

Comparative Report

Competence Framework