We believe…

Programming and computational thinking skills are becoming ever more important in our society and working life. As emphasized by the 2015 New priorities ET2020, “knowing how to code is empowering. It allows us to understand the digital world we live in and to shape it. Basic coding skills are essential for accessing the jobs of tomorrow and today”.

In light of these recommendations, the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS project aims to promote robotics as an effective introductory channel to programming and other STEM disciplines, as well as a way to develop transversal employability skills such as problem solvingleadership and creativity.

The CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS project is developing the following resources:

→ A Comparative Report on the status quo of educational robotics in 4 EU countries;

→ A Competence Framework on programming and robotics skills;

→ An Educational Back Pack in 2 modules, available both for download and on our e-learning platform;

→ A Toolkit to guide schools in setting up educational robotics classes and Clubs;

→ An EU-wide campaign and policy recommendations.

In light of the objectives of the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS project and of our belief in the current and future centrality of inclusive digital education,

We commit…

→ To strive to ensure equal access, for all students and at all levels of education, to STEAM learning opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), and to guarantee their inclusiveness regardless of gender, ability, disability, race, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status or any other difference;

→ To encourage the provision of continuous, relevant teacher training in order to support the development of teachers’ and learners’ digital competences;

→ To work with parents and other actors in the local community in order to ensure a holistic approach towards integrating digital technology in education in a way that best suits students’ needs and development;

→ To take full advantage of state-promoted funding opportunities and support the adoption of up-to-date ICT infrastructure for schools, including higher-capacity broadband and educational robots;

→ To encourage the implementation of educational robotics, both as a self-standing discipline and in its numerous interdisciplinary applications, either during curricular or extra-curricular hours, as an introductory channel to STEAM subjects that is sure to spark the interest of young minds;

→ To strive for the implementation of innovative assessment methods (including self-assessment and formative assessment) by exploiting the potential of digital technology to understand learners’ needs in the digital age.

We hereby agree to include the name of our school in a public list of signatories until the end of the project lifetime and to identify the following person as CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Ambassador. They will be the first to be informed about upcoming project-related opportunities (pilots, events, competitions etc.), and they will represent the point of contact between their school and the CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS project, also allowing for direct support in case clarifications on any of the project-related tools and materials are needed.

e.g. Headmaster, Teacher, etc.
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