IO4: The CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS Interactive Portal and Mobile App: Learning, Teaching and Assessment in the Digital Era

Start Date: 01-03-2019 | End Date: 31-01-2020

The main output of IO4 is the dynamic-interactive e-learning & e-assessment platform, which functions as an Open Learning Environment, offering:

– an e-Assessment tool based on a 2-stage process (initial self-assessment & final external assessment), which is linked to the e-learning platform

– an e-Academy, with experts, IT teachers, professionals providing guidance and support to the participating teachers

– an e-Resources Data Bank with all the developed educational material in the form of e-courses and with extra useful e-tools & resources

– an e-Community for real & non-real-time communication for mentoring, peer and expert support, guidance & exchange of good practices (chat, forum)

– a Mobile App to support further the learning & assessment process, as users will have the option to access the e-courses and to monitor their learning progress anytime & anywhere.

IO4 consists of the following activities:

IO4-A1: Registration & Creation of Teachers & Students Profiles

IO4-A2: Link to the Assessment & Validation Process – Open Badges

IO4-A3: The Learning Environment

IO4-A4: Interactivity & Interconnectivity

IO4-A5: Validation Process

IO4-A6: The Mobile App

IO4 Products:

The e-Learning Platform

The Mobile App

Download our Mobile App from the Google Play Store or simply scan the following QR Code.